Romanian PM asks agri Minister for a plan to save the pig sector

The number of African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreaks has increased recently on Romania’s territory, warned the Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea, at the beginning of a recent Government meeting. According to him, in the last two years, over 1,200,000 pigs have disappeared in Romania.

"These days I talked with the president of the National Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Safety Authority about the ASF situation. In our institutional collaboration, we aim on the one hand at the stopping of outbreaks of swine fever, which, unfortunately, are increasing. On the other hand, in the portfolio of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are activities aimed at increasing the genetic base (sows) in order to be able to increase the herds of pigs, practically by producing piglets in Romania, so that we can resume the process of repopulation of the bigger farm (complexes) and not only. We have the relevant approved legislation. It’s in place, we are working with it and with those interested, in order to eliminate any possible misunderstanding, because the programme is at the beginning and it must be prepared, warmed up and applied in such a way that we can restore the pig herds in Romania, because, unfortunately, in the last two years, we have lost more than 1,200,000 heads of pigs, and for sure this leaves its mark on the processing, slaughtering process and, hence, the agri-food balance of trade", said the minister at the beginning of the Government meeting on Wednesday, September 7.

Imports of pork meat – under the scrutiny of RO MinAgri (MADR)

The Minister added that MADR is analysing the structure of imports in Romania. "Based on the programs that we have developed, we believe that we are on the right track and we can counteract the current situation which occurs in an unfavourable context, in which cereal exports will be less", said the minister.

For his part, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă asked the Minister of Agriculture, together with the Ministry of Economy, to come up in maximum two weeks with a plan of measures regarding pork and imports. "It was not by chance that I raised this topic, because this part of the trade balance is totally unfavorable for us - Romanian citizens and, of course, for the state budget - given that we have the raw materials, we have everything we need, we only have to see how to address the processing. And for this, I am asking you that, in a maximum of two weeks, you come, together with the Ministry of Economy, with a plan of measures in which we can establish very clearly the directions in which we must act, and, together with ANSVSA (veterinary authority), to have a plan through which we can implement, possibly readjust, the measures to combat swine fever and to stimulate the breeding of pigs in farms or in larger complexes, as you mentioned earlier", the head of the Government said.

Source:, September 2022