Vietnam's Agro-forestry-aquatic product exports rise 13% in eight months

Import-export revenue of agro-forestry-aquatic products was estimated to be 66.2 billion USD in the first eight months of 2022, up 8.7%. Export turnover totaled 36.3 billion USD, up 13.1%, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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In the January-August period, seven products and product groups earned export revenues of 2 billion USD: coffee, rubber, rice, vegetables, and fruits, cashew nuts, shrimp, and wooden furniture. Vietnam's agro-forestry-fishery sector enjoyed a trade surplus of more than 6.3 billion USD in that period, up 94.6%.

In the first eight months of the year, Asia remained the major market for Vietnamese agro-forestry-aquatic products, accounting for more than 43 % of the total export volume, followed by the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Africa.

The US continued to be Vietnam’s largest export market, yielding revenues of nearly 9.6 billion USD, followed by China with about 6.5 billion USD, and Japan with over 2.7 billion USD.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will soon complete negotiations to export longan to Japan, passion fruit and coconut to the US, pomelo to South Korea, passion fruit to Australia, and citrus to New Zealand.




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