Reportage GPEC Japan 2022, Tokyo

From 21 July to 22 July, GPEC or Greenhouse Horticulture & Plant Factory Exhibition/Conference took place in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition was held in Tokyo for the first time in four years, since 2018, due to the corona pandemic. Although Corona measures were still in place the event attracted a lot of interest as companies were keen to meet face-to-face again. Notable was the emphasis on smart technologies to solve the various problems Japan’s horticulture sector is facing.

The event, organized by the Japan Greenhouse Horticulture Association, is the largest trade show specializing in modern greenhouse and indoor farming technologies. Under strict Corona measures 163 exhibitors showcased their latest products and solutions, attracting 29.223 visitors in 3 days. Despite the pandemic, the number of exhibitors and visitors increased by 26% and 80% respectively compared to the previous GPEC in 2021, showing that the Japanese growers remain positive and interested in investing in new technologies.

Japan's horticulture sector is facing problems, such as soaring fuel prices, extreme weather conditions, and labor shortages. At this year's exhibition, many of the exhibits focused on smart solutions for these problems which make use of robotics, AI, and other digital technologies.

Many Dutch companies were present at the fair, either at their own booth or jointly with their local agent/partner. Examples are Delphy Japan, CCS (Signify), Inochio (Bosman Van Zaal / Hoogendoorn / Van der Knaap / Van Iperen International), Certhon (Denso), Priva (Tomita Technologies), Zen-Noh Green Resource (Grodan / Ridder), Brinkman, Takada Seed (Rijk Zwaan), Bestcrop (ENZA Zaden) and Hoags (ERMAF).

On the second day of the exhibition, the Netherlands Embassy in Japan hosted a successful network reception. At the lively gathering, despite the limited number of guests due to Covid-19 protocols, attendees from both Japan and the Netherlands enthusiastically exchanged information and explored opportunities for business and cooperation.

The next GPEC is scheduled to take place in July 2024 in Tokyo.

Photos by LAN-Japan

GPEC 2022
Photo: GPEC exhibition site