Romania’s involvement in Ukrainian grains export facilitation

River transport company TTS (BVB: TTS) announced that it began a project that ensures a significant increase in the Ukrainian freight flows transported from the ports of Reni and Ismail via the Danube-Black Sea canal, until loading on sea ships in the Port of Constanța.

River transport company TTS organises export of grain from Ukraine

After more than a month of intensive logistical training carried out by TTS together with its Ukrainian partner, a producer and exporter of agricultural products, the first seagoing ship with a capacity of 31,000 tonnes was anchored on Saturday 2 July. The transshipment for the first wheat convoy is already accomplished.

This project ensures a significant increase of the Ukrainian freight flows transported from Reni and Ismail ports via the Danube-Black Sea canal to the loading on sea ships in Constanța Port, as an effect of eliminating from the supply chain the berths and storage spaces in Constanța port.

This is possible by using the TTS buoy terminal in the inner harbor of the port of Constanța, where goods are transshipped directly from barges to seagoing vessels.

The complexity of the project stems precisely from the fact that these convoys have to deliver the goods "just-in-time", which requires a coordination effort throughout the chain from the warehouses in Ukraine to the point of loading. 


Broad-gauge railway in Galati to facilitate Ukrainian grain exports

The broad gauge railway line in the Port of Galati in eastern Romania was reopened July 7, transport minister Sorin Grindeanu announced. “From this moment, the freight trains coming from Ukraine, via the Republic of Moldova, can unload the cereals directly in the Port of Galati without having to transship at the border,” he said.

At the same time, state-owned company CFR Infrastructura also announced that the broad gauge railway line in Galati Port reopened on July 7, after 22 years. It also stressed its importance, explaining that the 3.58 km long railway line will “increase both the traffic on the Romanian territory but also of the grain transports from Ukraine, which will enter directly in the Port of Galati, on the border with the Republic of Moldova (CFM).”

Works to restore the broad gauge railway line in the Port of Galati started on June 6 and were completed almost a month earlier than the estimated deadline, minister Grindeanu said. CFR Infrastructura was in charge of the project.

Romanian authorities started several investments in ports and the rail infrastructure to speed up grain shipments from Moldova and Ukraine, as the traffic at the border increased since the start of the war.

Source:, July 2022