Romania’s farmland has become 5 times more expensive

In Europe, farmland prices continues to rise. Not even the coronavirus pandemic has been able to stop rising prices, according to data on the evolution of land prices in EU member states in 2020, released recently by the European Commission.

Farmland Romania

According to this study, large increases in land prices in the last decade have also been recorded in Central and Eastern Europe - Poland, Hungary and Romania. However, in Poland , land prices have fallen slightly in 2020, falling to 10,711 euros / ha (but double the level of ten years ago).

In the case of Romania, prices have increased fivefold in 10 years, reaching 7,163 euros per hectare in 2020, after an increase of 1,824 euros compared to the previous year.

While farmers in Europe's largest agricultural country, France, have to spend less money than in Eastern Europe for farmland. In 2020, French farmers paid on average only 6,080 euros per hectare, which is only almost 100 euros more than in 2019. One reason for the low land prices in France is probably related to the very high share of rented land: 74 percent.