Thailand Pavilion at Floriade 2022, a showcase of bio-circular-green of Thai horticulture

‘The Thailand Pavilion at the Floriade 2022 will highlight the international confidence on Thai agri-food & horticulture with TRUST & BCG’, Permanent-Secretary of the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) said at the official opening of Thailand Pavilion recently.

Official opening of Thailand Pavilion by Dr. Thongplew Kongjan
Official opening of Thailand Pavilion by Dr. Thongplew Kongjan

The Thailand Pavilion at the Floriade Expo 2022 Almere will be the showcase of agri-food and horticultural products & innovation from Thailand strongly connected to BCG (Bio – Circular – Green) Model of the Kingdom’s vision on agricultural and socio-economical development. Thailand has launched “TRUST (Trendy – Reachable – Utility – Safety – Technology) Thailand”, a concept to raise awareness and to create confidence for international consumers and trading partners on agri-food and horticultural products from Thailand, Dr. Thongplew Kongjan, the Permanent-Secretary of Thai MOAC addresses in his opening remark.

Opening Thai Pavilion at Floriade
Dutch Ambassador (Remco van Wijngaarden) invites Thai Floriade 2022 Delegation for the luncheon at the Residence
Opening Thai pavilion at Floriade
Dutch Ambassador (Remco) participates the press conference of Thailand Pavilion organized by Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative

Visitors will be inspired by bio-diversity of Thai horticulture from water lilies, oriental herbs & spices, tropical orchids, exotic fruits & vegetables, future food  from insects especially crickets, plant based protein and mushroom and  functional food & beverage from natural ingredients of agriculture and horticulture and of course Thai silk and fabric from hemp. To mark the 418th Anniversary of Thai – Dutch diplomatic relation in 2022, several special events are scheduled at Thailand Pavilion namely Glamorous Thai Orchids, Everlasting Fruits Season, Eastern Identity Fruit Exhibition, Thai Herbs for Relaxing, New Selection of Good Health, Graceful Thai Ornamental Plant, Thai fabric (Thai silk, cotton and hemp), Mr. Kemkhaeng Yuttithamdamrong, Director-General of Department of Agricultural Extension (DOAE) adds during the opening of Thai Pavilion.

More information:

Construction of Thai Pavilion
Thailand Pavilion during the construction
Thai Pavilion at Floriade
Thailand Pavilion is now ready to welcome visitors