Romanian investor takes over the only mushroom compost factory

Pilis Food, a company founded by a high-profile farmer in the Călăraşi County (Puiu Elisei), took over a mushroom compost factory from the bankrupt East Champion Union Cooperativa Agricolă for over EUR 840,000 following its sale by CITR - the judicial liquidator of the company.

The transaction represents an opportunity for Romanian mushroom producers, who are forced to import compost from Hungary at high costs, so saving this factory from bankruptcy and reintroducing it into the economic circuit could boost the development of this economic sector, CITR officials said.

"In the next period, we will invest in the refurbishment of the factory. We will recruit a specialized technologist, and in addition, we will create 30 new jobs. Our expectations are that after the resumption of compost production in September, more mushroom producers will resume operations after having left the market in the past because they had to import compost," explained Puiu Ilisei, founder and manager of Pilis Food.

He estimates the new factory will generate a turnover of EUR 10 mln per year.