5,4% growth in Mexico’s livestock farming sector 2021. Biggest increase in dairy, poultry and beef

According to the latest edition of the annual publication “Expectativas Agro-Alimentarias” (Agri-Food Expectations) of 2022, Mexico’s livestock farming grew 2.2% in volume and 5.4% in economic value in 2021. This growth is the highest of all of Mexico’s agricultural subsectors.

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On 21 April, Mexico’s Agricultural Information Service SIAP, part of the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, presented its latest annual Agri-Food Expectations. This publication presents the preliminary primary production numbers of 2021 as well as production forecasts for 2022, based on data collected by hundreds of data collectors in the field, and segregated by production region. It also contains trade statistics and weather (temperature and rainfall) forecasts for 2022.

Jalisco on top

An analysis of El Economista highlights the growth of Mexico’s livestock farming sector, as reported in the Agri-Food Expectations publication. It concludes that Mexico’s Central-Western region stands out as Mexico’s most important livestock production region, with 41,5% of national production. The state of Jalisco is the primary livestock production state with 22,8% of national production.

On a national level, Mexico’s livestock production closed the year 2021 with a volume of 24,1 million tons, representing an economic value of 26,1 billion US dollars. This number represents a 2,2% increase in volume and a 5,4% increase in value compared to 2020, making it the agricultural subsector with the highest growth. The five most important production states were Jalisco (5,5 million tons), Durango (1,9 million tons), Coahuila (1,7 million tons); Veracruz (1,7 million tons) and Guanajuato (1,4 million tons).  

Dairy, poultry and beef

Within the livestock farming sector, the biggest increases in 2021 were seen in dairy, poultry and beef production: Dairy production increased by 297 million liters, poultry meat production increased by 90,000 tons and bovine meat increased by 48,000 tons compared to the previous year.

The states of Veracruz, Aguascalientes, Querétaro and Jalisco led the production of poultry meat: together, these four states accounted for 45,1% of national production in 2021. Meanwhile, in beef production, Veracruz, Jalisco, San Luis Potosí and Sinaloa were the main producers with 35,8% of the national total. In pork meat, Jalisco, Sonora, Puebla and Yucatán led production in 2021 with a national contribution of 60,7%, In consumption eggs, Jalisco, Puebla, Sonora and Yucatán were the primary production states with a total of 78,1% of national production.

Positive Outlook for 2022

The report is bullish for 2022 as well: a total production of 24,7 million tons is expected, which is an increase of 2,4% compared to 2021.

Poultry and porcine Roadshow

Later this year, The Netherlands Embassy is planning to organize a road show for Dutch companies interested in Mexican poultry and porcine sectors. The roadshow will visit Mexico’s most important production regions and key players in the industry. Companies interested in knowing more about this roadshow, or about any of the other livestock sectors are encouraged to contact the Embassy’s agricultural team for more information.