Netherlands – Vietnam Mekong Delta Business Forum for the Mekong Delta 2022

The Netherlands Embassy and Consulate General in Vietnam organized the Vietnam - Netherlands Business Forum for the Mekong Delta on April 8 to showcase integrated solution on agro-water-logistics. With the recent Vietnamese approval of the Mekong Delta Integrated Masterplan, The Netherlands was presented as the strategic partner to collaborate with Vietnam on the implementation towards a climate and economic resilient Mekong Delta with agriculture as the most advantageous sector.

Vietnam Mekong Forum
Beeld: ©EKN

For the implementation the private sector should be in the driver’s seat facilitated by the government. The event highlighted the current almost 50 million euro on project portfolio in PPP’s, demo’s, pilots and research besides significant private sector investments. With the long lasting partnership between The Netherlands and Vietnam in the Mekong Delta on water, climate and sustainable agriculture we are well positioned to further built on private sector involvement.

Netherlands Ambassador gives speech at MDBF 2022
Beeld: ©EKN

This is also the reason why the Vietnam Business Platform for the Mekong Delta was established last year between the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality together with the joint Top Sector Water, Logistics, Agro Food, Horticulture & Starting Materials (Top Sector) and the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Can Tho. The Platform is established to not only stimulate the business development in the Mekong Delta – with focus on sustainable water management, agro-water technology, and logistics; but also to identify business opportunities through public private partnership approach by 2030.

Some of the highlights of the event were showcases of some aquaculture projects and developments of Skretting as part of ShrimpTech Vietnam approach with some other Dutch companies, De Heus and Philips lightening. Also a consortium was presented to start activities in the Mekong Delta on Saline Agriculture.

Furthermore, a representative of the Wageningen Metropolitan Food Cluster presented some first finding on the development of agro-food cluster as part of de sustainable development of the Mekong Delta.

The specific fields where the Dutch agro team in Vietnam together the top sectors are focusing on are sustainable value chain development on aquaculture and horticulture, agro logistics (including agro-food cluster and postharvest losses), nature based solution like mangrove reforestation and circular livestock.

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