Green Cities Serbia project at the Belgrade Building Expo 2022

As urban greening companies participated for the first time in the annual construction fair in Belgrade, Dutch companies were represented at the Orange Pavilion through the PIB Green Cities project.

People talking at the construction fair near the Dutch green pavilion
Beeld: ©Mila Mirkovic

For the first time in its 46-year-long history, the Construction Fair Belgrade Building Expo 2022 in Belgrade featured not only construction companies dealing with glass, concrete, steel and stone, but also, companies that specialize in urban greening.

Several studies have indicated that green spaces, such as parks and forests, play an important role in improving the quality of life in cities, enhancing social cohesion and contributing to healthy living and working environments. They improve biodiversity, air quality and water management, reduce heat and noise pollution, and boost creativity, vitality and a feeling of community.

Aware of those benefits, Serbian cities really see the need to make their cities climate resilient and create a pleasant environment for all users of the public space. For this reason, the government of Serbia and cities such as Belgrade have ambitious plans. By 2025, at least a quarter of the capital’s urban spaces should be green, aiming to improve air, soil and water quality.

NL banner at the fair
Beeld: ©Mila Mirkovic

The Dutch companies were represented through the public-private partnership project PIB Green Cities Serbia, hosted in the 900m2 Orange/Green Pavilion at the Belgrade Building Expo 2022. The Pavilion was showcasing Dutch sustainable and innovative solutions for more resilient, livable and greener cities in Serbia.

The project “Green Cities Serbia” aims to support the greening plans of the Serbian Government by providing complementary solutions for urban greenery. Besides the presence of the project partners at the Construction Fair, Green Cities Serbia organizes study visits, conferences, symposia and other activities, which are already translating into  knowledge exchange and cooperation on a variety of private and public projects.


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