Romania neither restricts nor bans grain exports

Romania will not ban grain exports because there is currently no hiccup in the food supply of the population, as there is enough food in the state reserves, the country’s agriculture minister Adrian Chesnoiu said. The minister’s statement comes after Hungary’s counterpart, Istvan Nagy, announced on March 4 that his country would immediately ban all grain exports due to surging prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“It’s about Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia (countries which banned or are considering banning grain exports – ed.) and we need to make it clear from the beginning that Romania is not one of those countries. We are traditionally a country that exports, because we produce more than we consume on the domestic market.

The Romanian population has access to food and agri-food products, a subject under discussion for a very long time, because we have planned to stay very alert, as this is not the first crisis – it is coming and overlapping with the energy crisis, with the pandemic crisis – and all these things in the last two years have affected Romania’s agriculture and the agriculture of all the states in the European Union”, said Chesnoiu.

Chesnoiu went on to explain: “The Ministry of Agriculture deals strictly with agri-food production and from this point of view I can tell you that there is currently no hiccup in the food supply for the population. (…) There is certainly enough food in the state reserves so that we can get over this crisis. We have requested that the state reserves are at a sufficient level, because we are preoccupied by the situation of the Romanian population and we did it before the military aggression of Russia (…) Romania is not in the situation of the other states that try to cover their domestic consumption”.


Farmland Romania