Retail chains in Poland are giving up Russian and Belarusian products

Shops in Poland (including Netto, Rossmann, Topaz, Kontigo and are removing Russian and Belarusian products from their offer.

Ukrainian flag and ban on Russian goods
Beeld: ©uknown

In addition, a similar movement can be seen in smaller stores, wholesalers, bars and restaurants. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce and the Food Market called for breaking business relations with companies registered in Russia and Belarus and to stop buying Russian and Belarusian products.

It is worth noting that a draft amendment to the Law of Entrepreneurs is currently under preparation, which provides for the marking of Russian products with a clearly visible sticker with the flag of Russia.

"Each customer should decide for himself whether they want to support Putin's war machine by buying," said Michał Wypij, member of Polish Parliament and author of the project, which is to be sent to the Polish Parliament soon.

The origin of a given product can be recognized by the bar code, namely by the first three digits. Goods made in Russia are symbolized by codes from 460 to 469.

Source: Swiat RolnikaWirtualne Media