Youth initiative in Bali, Indonesia in Processing Waste into Fertilizer and Motor Fuel

Currently, Bali is not only known by the world as a very beautiful tourist spot, but there are many new breakthroughs from young Balinese people to deal with organic waste and plastic waste. One of them was carried out by a group of youths "Yellow Garden Organic" in Banjar Tegal Kuning area, Bongkasa Pertiwi Village, Abiansemal Badung who turned waste into fertilizer and fuel.

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By using a waste processing machine, which processes plastic waste can be converted into low-octane fuel that can be used by various machines including their own machines, lawn mowers and others. Coordinator of Yellow Garden Organic, I Wayan Sika Arnawa explained to the local news in Bali that this waste processing has been built since the covid-19 pandemic. Initially, it was only because they were quite concerned about the large amount of plastic waste in their environment and also the large number of young people in Bongkasa who relied on jobs from the tourism sector. While many of them have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The concept is very simple, waste from the community is bought at a price of IDR 2,000/KG, the waste is then separated between organic and non-organic waste which is carried out by approximately 10 people. They also provide information and socialization to the public on the importance of separating the waste. After collecting the non-organic (plastic) waste, it is burned with a stove that is fueled by used oil. The combustion process is also direct with the refining process, so that it directly produces low octane fuel.

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In addition, some parts of plastic bottles can be made into several products, including bottle caps as bowls. Meanwhile, organic waste (such as leaves and animal waste)  is processed into good quality fertilizer. And the fertilizer is distributed to the community members who cultivate crops and can also be sold so that this group of young people can survive to meet their needs and their families.

Farmers who get fertilizer can pay to Yellow Garden Organic after harvest. Some of the money that Yellow Garden Organic got was also to buy some plants such as teak trees and several types of fruit trees.

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