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"Agriculture in Poland. Soil characteristics and quality" is a accessible and easy-to-read compendium of knowledge about Polish agriculture, which was created as a supplement to the project The Pre PPS Soil Improvement Poland.

field works on agricultural soil
Beeld: ©Pexels

The Pre PPS Soil Improvement Poland project aims to broaden the knowledge of young stakeholders in Poland about soil, soil quality and sustainable agricultural practices as well as soil improvement technologies as well as building knowledge that can allow the implementation of sustainable agricultural technologies (including the correct use of fertilizers and soil improvers, precision farming technology, soil organic matter). The module was divided into 6 stages, the last of which was the final test summarizing the knowledge, and also contained educational and instructional videos.

The whole module was received very positively, many participants emphasized that they would like to participate in similar projects in the future. As part of the project, the e-learning module "e-soil" was created, which is a friendly educational tool for all participants. Over 400 people participated in e-learning so far. It is especially important nowadays, when climate and sustainable agriculture are becoming crucial - paying attention to soil improvement technologies is a key issue in the context of these changes.

The booklet "Agriculture in Poland" can be found here.

Polish landscape with hills and green fields
Beeld: ©Pexels

The booklet "Agriculture in Poland. Soil characteristics and quality" was created as part of the project and is a summary of knowledge about agriculture in Poland and contains the most important information about contemporary Polish agricultural production.

Currently, consultations are underway on a potential project under the Partners for International Business (PIB) program, as a natural continuation of The Pre PPS Soil Improvement Poland.