Avian Influenza in Poland

Europe is facing more outbreaks of avian influenza in recent weeks. This problem affects not only Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, but also Poland. The beginning of the year, more outbreaks of avian influenza (bird flu) appear in Poland. This time, in Greater Poland Voivodeship, in Kiełpiny (90 km from Poznań), avian influenza appeared on the farm where over 620 000 hens were kept.

In Poland in 2021, 348 outbreaks of avian influenza were detected, of which 339 in the spring and summer period.

laying hens in a stable
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According to information from the German animal health Institute Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, the spread of the disease is more dynamic than last season, with cases being reported daily both in farms and in wild animals; as of October, the virus has been detected 675 times in wild birds and 534 outbreaks have been reported in domestic (domestic and commercial) animals. In addition, the virus vector may be mammals; it was detected, among others in foxes, seals and otters.

Avian influenza is common and is no longer as seasonal as it used to be. Therefore, solutions other than slaughtering poultry when an outbreak of the virus occurs - said Kees de Jong, chairman of the poultry division of the LTO Dutch Agricultural and Horticultural Organization, in response to German avian influenza research. There is increasing talk not only among specialists and scientists, but also among manufacturers about the need for a vaccine.

kippen in de stal op vrije uitloop
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It is worth adding, In the context of avian influenza, that Poland is the number 1 producer of poultry meat in the EU, and the consumption of poultry in Poland is high and amounts to 27.5 kg per person, especially compared to beef (2 kg per person).

Based on current research, it is known that avian flu does not pose a great threat to food safety. Importantly, properly cooked poultry and poultry products, including eggs, are safe to eat.

More information about the current situation in Poland on the website: : Grypa ptaków (AI) | Główny Inspektorat Weterynarii (wetgiw.gov.pl)