The achievements of the agri-team in Ethiopia

Did you know, the Agriculture team within the Netherlands Embassy has continued to support Dutch related companies operating in the Agriculture sector in Ethiopia when they are faced with challenges?

In addition to the day to day operational challenges faced by companies, the current conflict in Ethiopia is creating more difficulties to operate in Ethiopia. The Netherlands Embassy is in good communication with the companies at this critical time and is providing a one-on-one problem solving support to companies with challenges.

Recent success stories such as the support provided to companies in attaining a speedy work permit and residence ID (to promptly leave the country), renewing expansion licenses, attaining sugar for production (challenge caused by the lack of sugar in the country) and solving tax issues can be mentioned as some recent achievements. This is mainly attained by using the network of the Embassy to lobby on behalf of the companies to the government, facilitating meetings with top officials, writing letters to Ministries and higher management in government institutions among others.

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