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On Thursday 2 December & Thursday 9 December 2021 (16.00 – 17.00 hrs CET) you can listen to a next edition of Jungle Talks to the World with focus on the horticultural developments in Morocco. The agricultural counsellor Niek Schelling will have an active participation next to other guest speakers from companies active in this sector.

The country is a leading producer of greenhouse vegetables, but also very susceptible to climate change. This makes that the horticultural sector is now dealing with a few major challenges of which the biggest is water. The Moroccan government is becoming aware of these problems and keen to make changes, but will it be enough?

Guest speakers

Agricultural Counsellor Niek Schelling will present a general overview of the current horticultural sector in Morocco. Afterwards, Ad van Kester of Agrocare will zoom in on production in Morocco and the advantages and challenges that brings. Fouad Ababou, area sales manager at Hoogendoorn, will explain in more detail how the implementation of horticultural technology has been progressing. Last but not least, Robert van der Lans, CEO of Horti XS, will share with the audience how a horticultural demonstration project will be implemented and what it intends to bring to further develop the country’s horticultural sector.


Presenter Ed Smit will introduce his guests during the first episode on Thursday 2 December. The week after, on Thursday 9 December, they will zoom in on some of the challenges in horticulture in Morocco and how to tackle them.
The biggest of all is water. Most producers in Morocco build cost effective greenhouses and produce their vegetables in the soil. Water comes from reservoirs, which are getting empty and rain is scarce throughout the year. The government therefore is pushing limitation of water use in the sector and special programs are being put in place.
The future of Moroccan horticulture no doubt depends on becoming more sustainable, very fast. Not only by limiting water use, but also by implementing more biological pest control, recycling plastics and making use of renewable energy.

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