Japan: message from International Agricultural Machinery Show in Obihiro 2022

The organizers of the International Agricultural Machinery Show in Obihiro would like to inform you that the 35th edition of the International Agricultural Machinery Show (IAMS 2022) will take place from Thursday 7 to Monday 11 July 2022 at Kita-Aikoku Koryu Hiroba in Obihiro, Hokkaido.

The IAMS is held every 4 years to showcase state of the art agricultural machinery, and facilities, as well as the most advanced ICT and robotics technologies. It serves as a crossroads for manufacturers and dealers from all over the world.

Exhibits at the show vary from farm power, agricultural robotics, ICT, GPS guidance systems, facilities and equipment for dairy and livestock farming, processing and production, to biotechnologies, biotechnology, waste disposal, and farm work safety.

At the last edition held in July 2018, 134 companies/organizations were represented, and the number of visitors from Japan and overseas reached 201,000 over the 5 day event.

If you are planning to enter the Japanese market or expand your business in this field, IAMS 2022 is highly recommended.

Exhibition guide and registration

For participation in the fair, please check the exhibition rules, and sign up with the application form. For inquiries, please contact IAMS Secretariat Office (contact form).

The deadline for the application is Tuesday, 30 November 2021.

Cancellation/alteration policy

IAMS Secretariat Office provided the following information regarding the cancellation and alteration policy of IAMS 2022. For actual details, please consult the IAMS Secretariat Office.

“In principle, an exhibitioner’s cancellation or alteration of the exhibition will not be approved once their exhibition has been accepted. However, if the exhibitioner’s special circumstance is approved, the cancellation or alteration will be accepted. The Event Committee holds the right to re-allot the cancelled booths.

The processing charge and the electric works charge paid before cancellation may be refunded after deducting the assessed amount of the cost that the Event Committee has already spent.”

Machinery show
Aerial view of the International Agricultural Machinery Show 2018 in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan (photo: AIMS Secretariat)