Koudijs Ukraine opens the most modern plant for production of premixes.

On September 17, 2021, a new plant for the production of mineral and vitamin mixtures was opened in the village of Khilchytsia, Zolochiv district, Lviv region.

Koudijs plant
Beeld: ©Ministry of Regions of Ukraine / https://www.facebook.com/MinregionUkraine

This is joint investment of the leader in feed production - the company De Heus (Netherlands) and its Ukrainian partner - Shopsky F.I.

The productivity of the newly built plant is 1.5 thousand tons / month. It is a modern, powerful and progressive production, which is based on the basic principles: high productivity, minimal production losses, reliability and safety. The most modern specialized equipment from global manufacturers was installed.

"We managed to make most of production processes automatized. At the same time, the plant is completely environmentally friendly. The technology does not involve any emissions to land, water or air. This achievement gives confidence and the opportunity to say that " Koudijs Ukraine" is an innovative company that looks ahead, fully meets the needs of customers and the requirements declared by the modern world", said Fedir Shopsky, General Director of Koudijs Ukraine.

The plant will supply the feed to the Ukrainian farms operating in the field of animal husbandry and poultry farming. After all, its main task is to supply to  the domestic market.

"High-quality mineral-vitamin mixtures are necessary for the efficient operation of the Ukrainian farms. When used correctly, they provide significant advantages: animals and birds grow healthy, strong; the farmer achieves excellent growing results; the end consumer eats delicious meat, eggs that are safe and healthy for his body. This is the essence of our activity. We use innovations that have a positive impact not only on the well-being of animals, but also on human life. "- Dmitry Burban, Commercial Director of Koudijs Ukraine.

Koudijs cutting the ribbon
Beeld: ©Zolochiv regional administration

Opening of the new production facility has a big positive impact on the economic development of the region. It is highly appreciated by the Ukrainian authorities. The event was attended by the Minister of Regions of Ukraine, Governor of Lviv oblast, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy, heads of regional authorities. 

"The launch of the new enterprise is a truly significant event for the whole region. It creates more than 100 jobs for local residents. The community receives additional budget revenues from enterprise taxes and becomes more affluent. And most importantly - we see the successful cooperation of Ukrainian and Dutch business, let it be a good example for other communities, "- said Alexei Chernyshov, Minister of Regions of Ukraine.

Officials at opening Koudijs
Beeld: ©Ministry of Regions of Ukraine / https://www.facebook.com/MinregionUkraine/

Jennes de Mol, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Ukraine congratulated the owners and the community with with this achievement and praised joint Dutch-Ukrainian efforts aimed at strenghtening economic potential of the region and at solving the global challenge of supply of sustainably produced food.

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