Digital trade mission organic to Poland

The new EU Green Deal strategy, which aims to increase the area of organic farming in the EU to 25% of agricultural land by 2030, is a huge boost for this sector. In Poland, with the current share of 3.5% organic farming area, reaching the 10% ceiling by 2030 means tripling the current state.

On the other hand with 38 mln inhabitants Poland is a big market and with increasing knowledge and demand for good quality food,  sales of organic products in Poland are steadily growing. Next to retail chains focused on eco certified products only, also shelfs of regular retail chains are being filled with products labeled with the EU green leaf. Also bottom up initiatives like bio trade fairs are more common and with well-developed delivery system in Poland also omni-channel solutions are very popular in this sector.

The Embassy in Warsaw together with the Polish Chamber for Organic Food prepared a report on the Polish organic production and current market for organic products in Poland. You can read the whole report here.

diverse berries closeup
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Webinar organic to Poland

The embassy of the Netherlands in Poland is organizing a webinar on organic products in Poland on October 26. You will learn more about the Polish market, will get a virtual tour of the retail and includes online matchmaking. Participation at our webinar is free of charge,

You can watch the webinar here.