Romania’s 2021 grain harvest 4 times higher than in 2007

Romania’s grain production could reach 34.16 million tons in the 2021 farming year, four times higher than in 2007, when the country joined the EU, says Cezar Gheorghe, founder of agribusiness service provider Casa de Trading a Fermierilor (Farmers’ Trading House) and grain trade expert and consultant of Clubul Fermierilor Romani farmer association.

“This is not something we see every day, it’s something we haven’t experienced before and something we definitely won’t be seeing again too soon. Maybe we will have rich harvests again but there will definitely be other countries in other regions of the world that will experience it. Outstanding harvest means more than just good. It’s a crowning moment for the efforts of all farmers in Romania (…),” Cezar Gheorghe said on ZF Agropower show, a project sponsored by Banca Transilvania and Profi.

Water is what helped Romania stand apart from the rest of the regions, as well as extensive access to technology among farmers, which led to a good harvest in terms of quality and quantity.

“How does Romania look in 2021 and how did it look in 2007? We started from a grain production of 8.3 million tons and estimate to reach 34.1 million this year. The 14-years in the EU took us to 34 million tons of grain and estimates for the coming years show Romania coming close to 40-45 million tons of grain around 2030. “