Small Entrepreneurs Opened 20 Craft Breweries in Romania in 2020

The number of microbreweries in Romania is heading towards 100, after 20 such businesses opened in 2020 and despite the difficult market for small businesses, only three closed.

The number has gone up from 2 to 78 in the past decade, according to the Brewers of Romania Association.

“This segment encourages creativity and stimulates competition. We encourage all brewers, small and large to innovate to attract various types of consumers, with increasingly sophisticated tastes,” Julia Leferman, general manager of Brewers of Romania Association, told ZF.

Romania is among the top ten countries in Europe by beer consumption per capita, 86 liters, with mostly Romanian brands made in the country by multinational companies.

This means 97% of the beer sold in Romania is locally brewed. Ursus Breweries, Heineken, Bergenbier and URBB are the largest actors in the industry, followed by Romaqua and European Drinks groups, Albrau, Martens Galati and a rising number of craft breweries.  22.06.2021

beer mug
©Alexas Fotos from Pixabay