Ukraine: biogas production

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine published statistics of biogas production in Ukraine in 2020.


As of the end of 2020, 68 industrial biogas plants were built and put into operation in Ukraine, including:

  • 28 stations designed for biogas production from agricultural raw materials;
  • 27 stations operate on biogas from landfills;
  • 9 stations biogas is produced in a process of anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater, all the rest from the sediment of domestic wastewater;
  • 3 stations designed for generator gas production (classified as biogas stations)
  • 50 installations have a "green" tariff for electricity, including:
  • 20 installations on agricultural raw materials;
  • 27 biogas plants from landfills;
  • 3 generator gas installations.
  • Total installed electric capacity of biogas cogeneration units was about 105 MW, of which: 103,364 MW operate at a "green" tariff.
  • The total production of electricity in 2020 by biogas plants, for which a "green" tariff has been set, amounted to about 471.5 million kWh. Total use of biogas by all stations for energy production in 2020 was more than 230 million m3.
  • Total consumption of agricultural raw materials for biogas production was about 1.8 million tons (fresh weight). Total volume of the formed digestate was about 78 thousand tons (dry matter).

Source: UABIO , expert Petro Kucheruk.