Romanian veg oil producer invests eur15.7m in generating power

Expur, one of the largest vegetable oil and biodiesel producers in Romania, has started investment in a cogeneration facility in Slobozia, which will use sunflower seed husks as raw material.

The investment will amount to EUR15.7 million, the company announced, and will ensure almost all the steam and electricity the vegetable oil and biodiesel plants in Slobozia need.

“Talks over this project started in 2019 and were completed this spring, while implementation will take another two years. When completed, we will be generating all the necessary steam and 90% of the electricity needed,” said Pascal Pinson, CEO of Expur.

This is the biggest investment Expur has made in Slobozia in the last few years and Expur is the first company in Romania to invest in such solutions, using sunflower seed husks as biomass, the official added.

Expur sells several vegetable oil brands, such as Untdelemn de la Bunica, the leader of its market.

Expur has been operating in Romania since 1997 and is held by France’s Avril group.  It posted RON1.1 billion lei revenue (EUR 225 million) and RON16 million (EUR 3 million) net profit last year, Finance Ministry data show.  22.06.2021