GPEC Japan 2021, Nagoya

Last week the GPEC or Greenhouse Horticulture & Plant Factory Exhibition/Conference took place in Aichi prefecture, Japan. The event, organized by the Japan Greenhouse Horticulture Association, is the largest trade show specializing in modern greenhouse and indoor farming technologies. Under strict Corona measures 129 exhibitors participated in the event and it attracted 16.288 visitors from 14 July to 16 July.  Despite COVID-19 the Japanese greenhouse sector is doing fine and profitable, and the participants showed confidence and were positive about future new projects. Japanese growers keep on investing in modern greenhouses and further modernization.

This biannual trade show was originally scheduled to take place in July 2020, but had to be postponed to July 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic. Business trips to Japan are still difficult due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and quarantine rules, but many Dutch companies were represented by their Japanese partners at the exhibition. They include: Delphy Japan, Signify Japan, Denso (Certhon), Priva (Tomita Technologies), Ibiko (Codema), Takamiya (Gakon), Inochio (Bosman Van Zaal, Hoogendoorn), Zennoh (Grodan, Ridder), Daisen (KUBO, Van der Hoeven), Takada Seed (Rijk Zwaan), Bestcrop (ENZA zaden) and Hoags (ERMAF).

On 15 July, Delphy Japan organised a seminar on strawberry cultivation. Agricultural Counsellor Evert Jan Krajenbrink gave the closing remarks at the seminar. The event attracted more than 100 participants, showing a strong interest among Japanese horticultural growers in the latest know how from the Netherlands.

A photo report of the event can be find below:  

GPEC exhibition site
GPEC exhibitor, Delphy Japan
Signify Japan
GPEC exhibitor, Signify Japan
Priva with Tomita Technologies
GPEC exhibitor, Tomita Technologies (with Priva)
Codema with Ibiko
GPEC exhibitor, Ibiko (with Codema)
Gakon with Takamiya
GPEC exhibitor, Takamiya exhibited greenhouses from Gakon. Takamiya announced prior to the exhibition that it will start selling greenhouses from Gakon.
GPEC exhibitor, Denso (partner Certhon) exhibited a tomato harvesting robot.
Agricultural Counsellor Evert Jan Krajenbrink (center) with Mr Hidenori Suzuki, Chairman (right) and Mr Hiroshi Fujimura, Managing Director (left) of Japan Greenhouse Horticulture Association.
Agricultural Counsellor Evert Jan Krajenbrink speaks at a seminar organised by Delphy Japan.