Bulgaria: Persistent trend for increase of processed milk

The quantity of milk processed by Bulgarian dairy plants is showing a steady increase. It is biggest for goat milk, at 12%,  according to Agriculture Ministry statistics. Direct sales totaled 275,862,000 l in 2020.

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The total milk output in Bulgaria

The total milk output in Bulgaria in 2020 was 975,810,000 l. Of that, 275,862,000 l was direct sales, own consumption and other uses in the farms. Producers and processers making  direct supplies of small quantities of raw produce, sold 81,089,000 l of raw or processed milk, which included 68,854,000 l of cow’s milk (84.9%) and 8,588,000 l sheep milk (10.6%).

Raw milk

Raw milk sold directly to consumers totaled 50,680,000 l and the processed milk 30,409,000 l. The direct sales included also 1,509 t white brined cheese, 320 t of yellow cheese, 4,526 t of yoghurt and other dairy products.

The recent years are seeing a persistent upward trend with the quantity of milk processed in Bulgaria. In 2020, it stood at 717 mln t for raw milk (including supplies from EU member states and imports from third countries), which is a growth of 5% from 2019. 

Cow’s milk had the lion’s share. In 2020, sheep milk came second with a share of 3.5%, which was a growth of 7.8% year-on-year.

Goat milk was third but the increase there was 12% compared to 2019. The output of buffalo and mixed milk decreased by 6.3%.

The quantity of raw milk imported from EU member states and third countries, that was processed in Bulgaria, stood at close to 17,000 t. 

Bulgarian cheese and yoghurt
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The output of white brined cheese from cow’s milk grew by 5.7% and of yellow cheese by 7.6% compared to 2019.
In 2020, the sales of dairy processing companies totaled BGN 1.26 billion, which was 10% more than in 2019. 

Source: Agri.bg