Brazil, The Food Processing Industry

For good reasons food processing has been selected as a priority area within the agriculture program of the Netherlands Embassy in Brazil. Sustainable development of the food processing industry is in line with our vision on circular agriculture. We aim to close food circles close to the producer, reduce food loss, improve nutritional value and assure food security in a sustainable way … and so does Brazil.

The Brazilian food production and food processing industries are among the largest in the world. And they just keep growing! Despite all economic crises that have tormented the country in the past, including the Covid 19 pandemic, these sectors have shown continuous growth to keep up with the national and global demand for safe and healthy food.

Great Diversity

The food industry in Brazil is characterized by its great diversity; both in size, the products and in levels of technology. Currently the country has around 45.000 companies that are working in food processing. These include all the well-known multinationals, but around 90 % of the companies are SME’s that have less than 20 employees and that are in different stages of development.  Furthermore it is noteworthy that although Brazil is the 5th largest global exporter (in value)of processed food, still 80% of the food is consumed locally, in the country.

This all underlines that there are many business opportunities in contributing to the further development of the sector.

But perhaps most importantly, the food industry in Brazil is striving to grow in sustainable way. Where consumer demand is changing (also in Brazil) there is an increasing pressure on food processing.  Sustainability through innovation is key and this is exactly where the Netherlands can surely contribute and make a difference; with Dutch technology, knowledge (e.g. through companies in Food Valley) and business partnerships.

Beeld: Report

This mapping study provides a broad overview of in the food processing industry in Brazil. The analyses give valuable insights to the main challenges and opportunities for Dutch companies and many references are given for further specific and in depth information.

Hopefully this may serve as an incentive and a guide for Dutch business operating in the food processing industry and with an international ambition to grow in Brazil. The agriculture and economic department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Brazil is most certainly there to give support in this area and to create more trade investment between our countries in the food processing sector.