Bulgaria's first veterinary educational simulation center opens at Thracian University

VetSim opens at the Thracian University in Stara Zagora on May 12, the head of the Centre, Dr Zdravko Todorov, told in his first interview in this position.

Veterinary educational simulation center
Beeld: Thracian University - Stara Zagora

The center was set up on a German model and its equipment comes from the Giessen University in Germany. It has simulators for neutering surgery, intubation, venous catheter insertion, anaesthesia and ICU procedures.

The facility comes complete with a lecture hall. The financing for the new center was provided by the Thracian University.

Todorov said that the VetSim will hone students' practical skills and will shorten the time from study to practice.

The training will be provided by experts from Bulgaria and Germany.

The Stara Zagora Theatre has become a partner of the new centre. Actors from the theatre will play out critical situations before the students and ask provocative questions, so that the future vets will learn how best to communicate with owners of injured or sick pets.

Europe's first veterinary simulation centers were opened in Vienna and Hanover in 2012. Todorov hopes that the Bulgarian VetSim will very soon join the European Association of Veterinary Simulation in teaching so as to share experience and knowledge.

Source: BTA.bg