Ukrainians increase consumption of fruit

This is proved by the official statistics of fruit consumption, but also by the growth of imports. In 2020, Ukraine imported almost 1 million tons of various fruits.


This is a historical maximum in terms of fruit imports, is 8% higher than the same period last year and 1.5 times higher than five years ago.

"Mainly fruits and berries are imported, which are not grown in Ukraine because of climate. The only exception is apples, but their share in the total import structure is insignificant - only 1%," explains Svitlana Lytvyn, UCAB analyst. The real leader in the import of fruit to Ukraine are bananas, which account for a third of all deliveries. They are followed by tangerines (19% of imports), oranges (9%), lemons (7%) and peaches (5%). Over the last 5 years, the highest growth rates are demonstrated by the supplies of grapefruits and persimmons, the import volumes of which have doubled during this period.

Source: UCAB