Circular business opportunities in Poland

The newest report „Circular business opportunities in Poland”  states bioeconomy as one of the opportunity sectors for Dutch companies. Circularity has put Netherlands on the forefront of sustainable agriculture. The technologies that enable this transition could be replicated in Poland to increase the sectors productivity and at the same time answer the needs of ecologically-aware consumers.

webinar on circular business opportunities in Poland

To do so business environment modification would be helpful. Poland has relatively vast areas of arable land. Most of the farms are small in size and use relatively old methods of production, which offers the possibility of using current farms as a blank slate, for applying circular solutions. Also global trade will push changes in the agricultural sector in Poland and increasing productivity is essential in this aspect. Circular solutions could be of great help in this aspect. Especially, that the desire to intensify cultivation, characterized by, inter alia, excessive consumption of fertilizers and the introduction of monocultures, poses a great threat to the quality of life of people, mainly due to the deterioration of the quality of the environment in which they exist. The concept of circular economy could help to curtail these externalities, without limiting the possible competitiveness growth, or rather supporting it in a new environment of more sustainable consumer choices.

CIruclar business in Poland

The report

The official launch of the report „Circular business opportunities in Poland” with presentation of the main findings of the report, followed by a panel discussion will take place on the 8 April 2021 at 14:00-15:30.

Innowo Institute, the Embassy of the Netherlands and RVO invite you to Hopin platform, see agenda and register here.

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