The Netherlands booth of the future

According to the Global Association of the Exhibition industry (UFI), globally, there are approximately 32,000 exhibitions each year, featuring 4.5 million exhibiting companies. Booths are usually made for single usage and disposed after a few days, thus the industry creates a huge waste burden to the earth. And here is how the Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam and Thailand tackles this issue.

Concept: The Netherlands Booth of Future

Creative design and sustainability

We have decided to develop a booth that is made from locally sourced materials, which are environment friendly. Moreover, the booth is to be flexible in size and reusable for different trade fairs. That is why we call this project ‘Sustainable Booth’.

Out from four candidates, Kubik (a Dutch company based in Thailand) was selected to design and produce the sustainable booths to be used in Vietnam and Thailand. Apart from creative design, corporate responsibility as a leading factor in Kubik operations ( sustainable materials, modular elements ) and sustainability is leading factor in their design and execution (reduce, recycle, reduce, repurpose, refurbish and rethink). Bamboo, seed or plant structure, wood and sustainable fabric are the main materials that Kubik will use to produce the booth. Moreover, depending on space availability, the modular elements offers four size options: 24m2, 32m2, 48m2 and 72m2. When the fair finishes, the booth will be disassembled and kept in storage until the next event.

Multiple use

The booth can be used for different event, like trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars and workshops.

Dutch entrepreneurs joining the Netherlands booth in fairs will be offered with meeting corners to receive their potential customers. We plan to launch this booth in the next physical expo that we participate in. Please stay tuned.

Trade Fairs

Some trade fairs that are on our agenda amongst others are:

VIV Bangkok, HortAsia Bangkok, Hortex Vietnam, Food Expo Vietnam, Vietstock HCMC and Food & Hotel Vietnam. The Netherlands Embassy is happy to see you during the events. Further information on these events will be published at this website.


The video clip in this link will tell you the inspiring story of how the booth is being made: or on Youtube :