International Online Seed Forum in Ukraine

On March 11,2021, the International Online Seed Forum was organized by the Ukrainian Seed Association, Information Agency APK inform, and the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine. The event gathered 186 participants from 21 countries. 12 speakers shared their vision on the actual issues in the seed sector.

The purpose of the event was to discuss current trends in the seed market and recent changes in the industry before start of the spring sowing campaign. Among the speakers of the event were representatives of seed associations, companies producing seeds, Ukrainian Hydro Meteorological Center, heads of agricultural companies, and industry experts.

Seed Forum
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Ukraine is strengthening its role as a producer of seeds of new varieties that comply with requirements of natural and climatic conditions and with the use of modern technologies. At the same time, Ukraine is constantly expanding its participation in the Seed Schemes of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and increases international seed trade.

Please see brief report of the event on our website and see more about presentations of the speakers at the Discussion page of the event.