Argentinie - nieuw record in pinda's export

Did you know that peanut production was the regional economy that generated the most exports in 2020? Did you know that Argentina is the main peanut exporter in the world?

In 2020, sales of 840,000 tonnes of peanuts generated a record $ 1.07 billion.

Argentina is among the top 10 peanut producing countries and is the world's largest exporter. Argentina is the leading supplier of peanuts to the European Union.

90% is produced in the province of Córdoba, in the central region of the country and has an origin certification. Its quality is guaranteed and that is why it is so demanded in the world.

To understand the dimension, Argentina today exports more peanuts and their derivatives than any of these more "famous" items: steel, aluminum, pharmaceutical products, wine, lemons, textiles or yerba!