Solidaridad Launched it's 2020 China Sustainable Soy Guidelines

On November 17, the Dutch embassy hosted the Solidaridad's 2020 China Soy Development Forum & China Sustainable Soy Guildines Launch. With China being the world's biggest soy exporter and the Netherlands being the second, the two countries together could give a strong push toward a more sustainable soy production. Do you want to know how? Request the guidelines via the email address below. 

Soybean has a vital role to play in feeding a growing global population. It's a crucial commodity for food security and economic development in many countries, and China, not in the least. Considering the increasing demand for soy, it is inevitable to address the sector's key sustainability challenges.

China is the largest importer and consumer of soybeans. Nearly 87% of China's soybean consumption is imported, accounting for almost 70% of the global soy trade volume. This naturally shows that china plays a crucial role in driving responsible production and trade globally.

In the past three years, sustainable soy trade platforms (SSTP), in collaboration with agencies in China, Latin America, and the United States, have worked hard on raising awareness on the issues of soy production-related deforestation and land-use change (LUC).  And with all that exerience, Solidaridad and SSTP members developed China guidelines to serve as reference and guidance for Chinese soy production and trade.

About Solidaridad

Solidaridad is a Netherlands-based organization with 51 years of history dedicated to bring in supply chain actors and engage them with innovative solutions to improve production, supporting the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy. 

Do you want to read the full China Sustainable Soy Guidelines? Send an email to