Poland: agricultural news week 45

Read about pumpkins in Poland, this years wine production, lower prices offered by the Polish plant authorities and a follow up of the chrysanthemum issue we described yesterday. Only in our agrinews!

ornamental pumpkins

Pumpkins in Poland

Pumpkins are becoming more and more popular in Poland. Pumpkins are especially popular at this time of year whether they are used to cook meals or carve lanterns with scary faces. According to Eurostat data, in the entire European Union, in 2019 pumpkins and various types of gourds were grown for about 25 thousand hectares.

Poland is in fifth place in the ranking of pumpkin producers in the EU, with 68.5 thousand tons of production which is 3% less year on year whereas according to Eurostat data, the area of pumpkin cultivation in Poland is systematically growing. In 2019, they were grown in Poland for 1.8 thousand  hectares, that is 6.5% more year on year. Changing climatic conditions in recent years have a large negative impact on the level of harvest of pumpkins and gourds.

Polish exports of pumpkins constitute only 0.2% of global exports, occupying 25th position in the world exports. Polish pumpkins are to be found in Germany, Belgium, and Slovakia and these are also the first three export destinations for the Polish pumpkins.

Source: BNP Paribas: Agronomist

herbs in the garden

Lower rates for official controls due to COVID-19

State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service (PIORIN) reduces rates for the control activities in 2020 and in 2021 due to the difficulties that the agricultural sector is facing because of COVID 19 pandemic.

The new "price list" applies to laboratory tests, sampling, inspections and other activities performed by inspectors as part of official controls, other official activities and services. More information can be found on the Polish website under this link.

Source: PIORIN


Summer rains and lack of sun lengthened the harvest of grapes

This year producers had to wait a little longer for the grapes. This does not mean, however, that the wine will have a tart taste. The fruit of the vine is sweet this year, even though there was little sun in the summer.

The rain delayed the ripening of the grapes. That is why winemakers in the Świętokrzyskie (Podkarpackie) region are now halfway through the grape harvest. Although they should finish at least three weeks ago, however, as the local wine producers say, there will be a lot and of good quality.

There are 300 people working in the production of wine in Poland, most of them in the following voivodeships: Lubuskie, Małopolskie and Podkarpackie.

Source: SadyOgrody.pl

chrysanthemum arrangement

Chrysanthemum subsidies not for everyone

Already more than 400 applications for support for chrysanthemum holders have been submitted to the agricultural agency. Applications can only be submitted until Friday - November 6.

The interest in such support is great considering  applications from the first day only were counted. Both flower producers, intermediaries and sellers come to the Agency for help.

Many applications will be submitted probably first on Friday, but the sooner the better, as unsold chrysanthemums can still be used.

In his application the chrysanthemum holder indicates the number of flowers he has at disposal and storage address. Public entities may wish to take these chrysanthemums away. However, if the flowers are not collected by November 16, they will be disposed of as waste.

Unfortunately, support is only available to registered business entities. Government support will not cover small-scale traders. In Poland, not every seller has to be an entrepreneur.

According to the Polish law it is possible to conduct activities without being registered. This is legal as long as one do not go beyond the small amount limits set out in the law. Unfortunately, these people will not be eligible for the support program offered by the government. Representative of the Prime Minister admits they were forgotten and cannot count of any help provided by the government.

The government program is not the only help promised to flower traders. The Polish Minister of National Defense ordered soldiers to buy 15000 bunches of flowers. They were to be placed on the graves and monuments of heroes fighting for a free Poland.

Source: SadyOgrody.pl, INNPoland.pl, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna