Romanian Central Bank: 70% of Medium-Sized Agribusinesses to Have Same Size in 5 Years

About 70% of the medium-sized agribusiness companies in Romania will remain the same size in the next five years, 25% of them will either become small businesses or microenterprises and only 5% will grow to the size of a corporation during this time frame, Romania’ central bank says.

The central bank report says the agricultural yields of farms could increase if, among others, the farms used certain industrial robots, which can now be found in only 1% of the companies in the agri-food sector.

Although Romania has a lot of potential because of its fertile soil, the yields in its agriculture sector are low compared with other European countries.

“An increase in agricultural yields would solve both the problem of availability and of access to food. However, it must be done without harming the future generations in terms of impact on climate change and considering the agricultural trends in Europe and the world,” the central bank report says.

Source: ZFEnglish

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