AgriTech Startups in Indonesia

Indonesia's growing agritech scene, having attracted millions of dollars in investment, has impacted the industry in no small way. Indonesian startups have brought fair-trade into the sector, raising farmers' bargaining power with their efforts towards financial inclusion and greater access to funds, thus supporting higher-quality output. Some have even adopted advanced IoT technology. Here is the most leading agritech companies in Indonesia.


TaniHub is an app-based online marketplace to trade agriculture commodities. It allows farmers and producers to sell the products to retailers, wholesalers, and individual customers. It allows buyers to buy fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, seafood, etc. It delivers products through an in-house delivery team Tani-Express. The mobile platform is available for Android users.


Chilibeli is an online community platform for agricultural products. It connects farmers and manufacturers with agents through instant-messaging tools.


eFishery is an Indonesia-based company offering a smart fish feeding solution for commercial aquaculture. It comprises of a feeder that can sense the fish’s appetite through motion sensors, and if the fishes feel agitated or hungry, the machine feeds them automatically. Also provides a data platform that allows fish farmers to monitor and schedule feeding times in real-time on their phones, and control the system if needed.


Crowde is an online platform for connecting the farmers with retail investors for obtaining capital for their farming operations. The farmers can get their project listed upon registration. Investors can choose among the listed projects for making their investments. There is no lower limit of investment on the platform.


8villages product comes in the form of a mobile phone subscription service called LISA (Farmers’ Information Service). By subscribing to LISA, users will be put into corresponding community groups based on their crops and location. It connects the farmers directly with the companies engaged in agribusiness. These companies can push through targeted marketing and advertising messages to farmers via 8village's platform.


iGrow partners with farmers and agribusinesses and allows users to invest in and take ownership (Productive farm ownership) of farms by allowing them to buy seeds. The proceeds are utilized by farmers to carry out the entire farming operation and the farmers share the revenue generated by selling the harvest in proportion to the seed investment with the users.


inFishta is an online platform connecting investors with fish farmers. It allows investors to choose the cultivation method, determine the funds to be invested, and invest in fish farming projects. Users can receive real-time updates on the projects they invest and earn from profits.


Jala is an IoT device for monitoring water condition in the shrimp farm. The device can be submerged in the pond and is equipped with multiple sensors for monitoring parameters like dissolved oxygen, temperature, humidity, pH, salinity, and TDS (total dissolved solids). It collects the above-mentioned data and sends the same, in real-time, to the cloud. The company additionally provides a web-based portal wherein the collected data is processed and uses decision-making algorithms to produce actionable insights for the farmers. Also provides a companion application enabling the farmers to access data in case there is no internet connectivity. Claims that in March 2015, it won a grant from ASME. One of the clients includes Shrimp Club Indonesia.

Habibie Garden

Habibi is an IoT-based precision farming platform. They deploy a central device which connects to a number of sensors to record data related to light intensity, humidity, moisture, nutrients and send it to the central cloud platform. The information is processed and used to control on ground devices like water pumps to supply water to the field when it is required. All the information is processed and is available in a dashboard like an interface for farmers to monitor their fields.


Eragano is a mobile application for smallholder farmers for effective farming. The application's features include AI generated farm schedule, integrated with e-commerce farm supply and crop protection program. The application is available on Google Play Store. Notable customers include PISAgro, Agrina, Paskomnas, and others.