Edible fruit exports grew in Romania

Romania's exports of edible fruits totaled, in the first five months of this year, 19.6 million euro, being 43 pct higher compared to the similar period of 2019, according to data centralized by the National Institute for Statistics.

Imports clocked in at 330.4 million euro, by 13.4 pct over those in the January-May 2019 period, resulting in a deficit of 310.8 million euro.

Edible fruit exports to the countries of the European Union stood, in the mentioned period, at 17.2 million euro, with the highest values being recorded on the relation with France (3.5 million euro), Italy (2.7 million euro) and Bulgaria (2.6 million euro).

EU imports stood at 260.9 million euro, the top import sources being Germany (54 million euro), Greece (50 million euro), and the Netherlands (36.7 million euro).

Source: Bucharest, Aug 23 /Agerpres/

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