In the post-Soviet space, Ukraine is a leader in digital agricultural technologies

Electronic satellite monitoring systems are actively used by farmers in developed countries. Without this component, intensive agricultural production is impossible. In the post-Soviet space, Ukraine is a leader in this field.

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Ukraine has had a working, free and largest cloud software project in the post-Soviet space for several years now, which allows online monitoring of cadastral land registration, unit accounting, GPS monitoring of equipment, satellite imagery and NDVI index, agro-scouting, cartograms. sowing and more.

The Ukrainian service is already able to plan crop rotations, identify problem areas in the fields (for example, the so-called "saucers"), forecast yields, predict the consumption of fertilizers and save seed.

It also allows domestic agricultural producers to conduct electronic monitoring of soil moisture, leaf moisture, arable soil density and even the location of seeds in the furrows.

Interestingly, Russia has similar electronic applications for farmers, but so far there are no such large-scale and functional similar systems.

08.09.2020 12:22 | ProAgro Group

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