The Controlled-Atmosphere Storage Technology Webinar + Presentations

On July 21, the Consulate General in Chongqing in collaboration with the Chongqing Agricultural and Rural Affairs Commission held the Controlled-Atmosphere Storage Technology Online Seminar. This webinar aims to provide insight into the business opportunities for Dutch companies in West China. Five experts gave a presentation on the topic. The speech and presentation by Consul General in Chongqing, Koen Sizoo, Commercial Manager of DL Logistics Daniëlle Kok and  CEO of van Amerongen, Wim van den Berg can be viewed below.

Background Information

Different seasons go hand in hand with high production of certain fresh produces. In many cases, overcapacity or the lack of proper conservation facilities causes a decrease in the price of fresh produce or even worse, massive waste. On the other hand, the market is facing a constant supply shortage during the non-seasonal months, causing prices to fluctuate.

Developed storage technology is the answer to the problems described above. But unfortunately, many companies in West China lack the relevant technology, knowledge, and cold chain systems to combat this waste-problem. Controlled-Atmosphere Storage Technology is the most advanced cold storage tech for fresh produce. It allowed the shelf-life/marketable span to be significantly prolonged, and no chemical sprays are needed. But this technology is costly.

Chongqing is one of the biggest fruit producers in China, famous for its many kinds of citrus and kiwis. And despite the high margins, in comparison to vegetable produce, the local sector is struggling with the challenges above.  Therefore, the Chongqing Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission supports the sector in developing cold chain systems. In addition, authorities published several beneficial policies and plans to encourage and help the sector develop. Including subsidies on cold chain infrastructure.

This webinar aims to provide insight into the business opportunities for Dutch companies in West China, as well as an opportunity from the Chinese side to get familiar with Dutch advantaged technology of controlled-atmosphere storage.

See below the openings speech by Koen Sizoo, presentation of Dutch CA storage tech and equipment by Wim van den Berg and the presentation on the implementation of storage technology in the Dutch fruit sector by Daniëlle Kok, Commerial Manager of DL Logistics. Pleae note, other presentations as mentioned in the program below were given in Chinese and are therefor not uploaded in this article.


  1. Watch the opening speech by Koen Sizoo here.
  2. Watch the presentation on Dutch CA storage technology and equipment by Wim van den Berg here.
  3. Watch the presentation on the implementation of CA storage technology in the Dutch fruit cold chain sector by  Daniëlle Kok here.

Detailed Program


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Introducing VIP and speakers

Moderator by AgriTerra


Opening speeches by officials

- Mr. QIN Dachun, DDG of Chongqing Agri Commission

- Mr. Koen Sizoo, Consul General of CG-CHO


Presentation 1:

Dutch CA Storage Tech and equipment

Mr. Wim van den Berg, CEO of Van Amerongen


Presentation 2:

Implementation of CA Storage Tech in Dutch Fruit Cold Chain

Ms. Daniëlle Kok, Commerial Manager of DL Logistics


Presentation 3:

Case Study of Applying Dutch CA Tech in China

Mr. CHEN Yongchun, CEO of Beijing Fruitong Tech


Presentation 4:

Dutch Distribution Center Model for Fresh Produce

Ms. ZHANG Tong, Chief Representative China od Dutch Distribution Centre


Presentation 5:

Policies and Standards to Support Agri Cold Chain Development in Chongqing

Mr. QIN Dahai, Deputy Director of Market Brand Division at Chongqing Agri Commission


End of Meeting

Do you want to know more about business opportunities in West China, send an email to our Agricultural Advisor Xizhe Hu.