Indonesian Farmers Are Asked To Speed Up Planting Period Before Drought arrives

Jakarta, The Indonesian government accelerates the second planting period before entering the dry season which is expected to last longer this year.

Indonesian Farmers in Kalimantan

Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Syahrul Yasin Limpo also suggested that farmers and extension workers maximize the water available during the rainy season to accelerate planting. Based on FAO Predictions, this year’s dry season will be quite long. In Fact there is a potential for food crisis in Indonesia. Therefore the government through the Ministry of Agriculture must anticipate this by accelerating planting in this year.

Katingan Kuala sub-district in Central Kalimantan is one of the locations for the Strategic Irrigation Modernization and Urgent Rehabilitation Project (SIMURP) in 2020. This sub-district has accelerated rice planting to pursue water supplies before drought. Until now, farmers are still accompanied by agricultural extension workers to maintain the maximum production. Maintenance includes watering, fertilizing, observing pests, and diseases.

Source: Indonesia National News



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