Created in Serbia: Trademark for Serbian domestic products

This summer, Serbia launched a new trademark to promote local production, high quality and the domestic economy.

Promotional picture for the "Created in Serbia" trademark campaign.
Beeld: ©MM
"Created in Serbia" is a trademark with the intention of promoting among others, local products.

Mid-June, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia launched a campaign “Created in Serbia”. The main goal is to promote locally produced products as well as products that contain more than 80% value generated in Serbia. According to the president of the Chamber, it is not just a simple promotional campaign of locally produced goods, but a whole new philosophy of promoting the Serbian economy. The aim is to support local produce and producers, as well as to raise consumers’ awareness of the importance of buying products made in Serbia. A collective trademark called “чуваркућа” (the housekeeper) had been created.

The intention is to make domestic producers more visible and to provide them with support through this trademark, thus guaranteeing  products' domestic origin and quality. By raising public awareness and the significance of buying local products, citizens will be supporting Serbia and contributing to better living and working conditions.

The Trademark will be used for high quality products. Consumers will be informed how a product was produced, of what quality it is and how much local knowledge, raw materials and work was invested in it. This trademark on a product will also guarantee that more than 80% of the manufacturing and value is of local origin, or in some specific cases, that 60% of local work and value was invested in a certain product. This way, the trademark is combining quality policies aiming to protect local products to promote their characteristics, linked to their geographical origin as well as traditional know-how on a national level.

The first company to apply for the new trademark was Nectar Group, a fruit processing company from Vojvodina that produces juices, nectars, alcoholic beverages and jams. They applied with two products for the new trademark. A sour cherry juice made of fruits from south Serbia (Oblacina sour cherry) and a raspberry juice produced with raspberries from western Serbia (Arilje). According to the “Nectar Group”, the company will also apply for the trademark for few more products: apple and peach juice and tomato puree. The Nectar Group pointed out that this campaign corresponds to the company’s efforts aimed at having products with added value created in Serbia that will remain in the country.

“Miklop” Dairy (Serbian language site) was invited by the President of Chamber to apply for the trademark for their dairy products produced in traditional way from local inputs.

More information is available here (Serbian language site).