Organic exports from Serbia on the rise, export of honey decreased

The latest export figures of organic fruit products and honey in Serbia

Close-up photo of ripe raspberries.
Beeld: ©oatsy40

Serbia exports close to EUR 30 million worth of organic products

The value of the export of organic products in 2019 reached €29.7 million, an increase by €2.3 million compared to 2018, the Serbia Organica association announced. According to the data of the Customs Administration, 13,284 tons of organic products were exported from Serbia last year, most of which were fruit and fruit products, which accounted for €28.7 million. Serbia Organica says that the trend of increasingly good exporting results has continued and that the value of the exports has increased by more than €11 million in four years. Most organic products are exported to the EU states, and more than a third of the total exports in 2019 were made to the German market. Other important exporting destinations are the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, the USA, Austria and Belgium. “Frozen raspberries remained on top in 2019 when it comes to the quantities and the value of the exports, followed by the apple concentrate, frozen blackberries and sour cherries,” announced the organization.

Serbian honey exports at EUR 8.99 mn in 2019

Meanwhile in 2019, Serbia exported 2,300 t of honey and imported 49 t, the Association of Serbian Beekeeping Organizations (SPOS) announced on June 7th . The value of exports was €8.99 million, while the imported honey (“mostly exotic kinds”) totaled €264,000. According to SPOS data, honey exports dropped by 446 tons compared to 2018. Last year’s exports were also lower compared to 2017 when 2,538 t were exported. Along with the state of emergency launched due to the Covid-19, this year’s results noted by honey producers could additionally contribute to the increased import. The SPOS announced that a local company had imported 40t of blossom honey from Moldavia in late April. It was imported at EUR 2.2 per kg, and according to the organization, additional quantities are coming soon. The national organization has urged all its members to invest half of the state aid (€100 support to all adult citizens) into a joint factory for the purchase and processing of locally produced honey. The opening of the joint processing factory of the SPOS has been postponed due to the pandemic.

Photo credit: "Raspberries" by oatsy40, via Flickr.