Poultry opportunities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia offers opportunities for internal and international investors in the poultry sector. It has big plans for increasing livestock production. Ethiopia wishes to achieve massive production growth, to close the widening gap in production and demand. The government proposes a substantial increase of the number and size of specialized commercial broiler and layer farms. In order to reach these goals, (international) cooperation is needed.

Five keys to understanding the poultry sector in Spain

This opens up business opportunities for international investors. To understand these opportunities better and to support the sector in its development, there is a need for up-to- date market information for new and already present investors.

On behalf of the agricultural bureau of the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa and with great support of ENTAG, NABC has published two documents that provide in-depth information on opportunities for both the private and public Dutch poultry sector in Ethiopia. Knowledge related to special requests from the Dutch sector, challenges and suggestions for support of Dutch companies already doing business in or with Ethiopia are included. The aim of the research is to inform the Dutch business community and to help guide the Embassy’s interventions.

For the report ‘Poultry sector cooperation between the Netherlands and Ethiopia’. The factsheet Poultry Ethiopia is available here.

The reports are based on data from the Business opportunity report ‘Invest in the Ethiopian poultry sector 2020 (ENTAG 2020)’, reports by World Bank, CSA and FAO (2016-2019) as well as interviews with both existing and potential Dutch investors and suppliers (2019).

This report was written prior to Covid-19. Corona measurements have hit the poultry sector in Ethiopia hard.