Samarkand Region: Opportunities for cooperation in Uzbekistan

In March 2020, the Netherlands Agricultural Trade Mission to Uzbekistan organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality took place in Tashkent and Samarkand. The Samarkand region was selected as one of the promising regions of Uzbekistan in terms of agricultural development.

This region is rich in agricultural resources. Cotton, cereals and legumes are grown here, intensive gardening is developed with a wide range of fruits, vegetables and melons grown. The region supplies about 20% of fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products within Uzbekistan. Also, much attention is paid by the authorities to the development of livestock farming in beef and dairy, poultry farming and the fishing industry. 

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Promising Region

Samarkand region is an important economic and cultural center in Uzbekistan. The location of the region in the central part of the country - with the shortest transport links connecting the east-west and north-south crossroads - insures great benefits for the developments of logistics, trade and the expansion of export-import transactions. The Samarkand region consists of 14 districts and 2 cities. Every district has potential capacities for further agricultural development. In the overview below you will find several offers to (foreign) investors by districts of Samarkand region related to agriculture and the food sector.

Overview Oezbekisan
District Investment potential/offer
Samarkand city Opportunities: intensive fruit & vegetable gardens on the territory of Chupon Ota; Potential for fish farming.
Bulungur district

A project for the production of chips, French fries and other finished processed potato products (0.8 ha - 1.5 mln. USD);
Establishing of cooling facilities for fruit & vegetables (2.0 ha - 2.0 mln. USD).

Jomboy district Production of vegetable oil (1.5 ha - 3.5 mln. USD).
Ishtixan district

Establishing of a Logistics Center (1 ha - 1.5 mln. USD);
Creating sorting and drying facilities for fruits & vegetables (1 ha, 1 mln. USD).

Kattakurgan district

Facilities available to launch factories for production and processing of vegetables and agricultural products;
Facilities available to produce meat and meat products.

Akdarya district

Setting up Logistics Centers close to international motorways, railway and airport
Establishment of fish production and fish processing;
Setting up processing facilities for fruits;
Production of meat and dairy products.

Nurobod district

Opportunities for creating intensive fruit and vegetable gardens;
Creating a hydroponic greenhouse of at least 15 hectares;
Creating processing facilities for fruits and melons.

Payarik district

Opportunities for creating intensive fruit and vegetable gardens;
Potential for fish farming;
Approximately 10,000 hectares of land available for investment projects.

Pastdargom district

A project to create a Logistics Center with project cost of 30 mln. USD to make it possible to store, process and export fruits and vegetables;
A project on processing meat products worth 10 mln. USD.

Pakhtachi district

Opportunities for creating intensive fruit and vegetable gardens;
Potential for fish farming;
Approximately 171 hectares of land available for investment projects.

Samarkand district

Livestock and horticulture production:

  • Opportunities for dairy farming;
  • Setting up poultry farming and processing (3.0 ml. birds, 1.5 mln. tons of poultry meat and more than 130 mln. eggs produced per year);
  • Opportunities for fruit (>70.000 tons) and vegetables (>40.000 tons).
Taylok district

Storage and drying facilities of agricultural products (2.5 ha - 5 mln. USD);
Creating a modern greenhouse (4 ha - 2 mln. USD).

Urgut district

Approximately 200 hectares of land plots in the territory of “Urgut Free Economic Zone” available and which is connected to communication and utility networks;
Raw materials available for production and processing of agricultural products.

Why Invest?

The closest location to areas specialized in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables is a key benefit of the Samarkand region. Regional administration puts a lot of efforts to attract foreign investments into local agricultural sector. One of the important condition provided for potential investors is the State guarantees and the possibility of acquiring state-owned objects at a “zero” redemption value. The Government also provides convenient packages of preferences and benefits for investors in the framework of special economic and small industrial zones. An extensive road network and convenient location for storage and export of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables make Samarkand region attractive and competitive as well.

More information about the districts of Samarkand region and their investment potential you can find here.

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