Second ASF outbreak in commercial pig farm in Poland in 2020

The Polish Chief Veterinary Officer informed about the designation of an African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in pigs in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

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The second outbreak of ASF in 2020 was confirmed at a farm where approximately 10.000 pigs (piglets and weaners) were kept in the village of Więckowice, in the Dopiewo commune, Poznań district, Wielkopolskie province. The farm is located outside the areas subject to restrictions in connection with the ASF as defined in Commission Implementing Decision No. 2014/709 / EU (free area).

This farm was recognized as contact to the first outbreak of ASF this year, designated on 20 March 2020 on another farm belonging to the same company, located in Niedoradz, Otyń commune, nowosolski district, Lubuskie province. Piglets were moved from the farm in the Lubuskie province for further rearing to the affected farm in the Wielkopolskie province. No further pig movements were registered from the farm recognized as 1st ASF outbreak in 2020.

Due to these animal movements, the farm in the Poznań district was subject to increased supervision of the Veterinary Inspection, and fallen animals were sampled for laboratory tests for ASF as part of passive monitoring, i.e. early detection of ASF infection. In addition, the farm was banned from entering and leaving animals (the last movement of animals was dated 16 March 2020, i.e. the purchase of 1.900 piglets from a farm in the Lubuskie province). The results of the first tests for ASF on this farm were negative. However, the results of tests carried out on 5 April 5 2020 in subsequent samples taken from 5 dead animals, they turned out positive. The presence of the virus was confirmed in 2 out of 5 samples sent for testing.

Second outbreak ASF in Poland in 2020
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The first and the second outbreak ASF in 2020 occurred the western part of Poland.

Today works began to eliminate the outbreak. As Grzegorz Wegiera, District Veterinary Officer, informs, an expert group was organised to estimate the value of animals and draw up epidemiological report. The DVO emphasizes that all actions are hindered due to the coronavirus epidemic.

In addition, the area where the 2nd outbreak was noted has not been affected by ASF restrictions so far, however, it is likely to fall into the Part III ASF restricted area soon.

It is also worth mentioning that coronavirus epidemic measures are to affect the sanitary shooting of wild boars. On 3 April 2020 Polish Forests issued a ban on entering state forests and national parks. As explained by the Ministry of Environment, from 3 to 11 April, hunters cannot organize hunting in the forest or - like any other citizen - even stay in the woods. The ordinance of the Council of Ministers introducing a universal movement ban provided for the possibility of hunters carrying out their duties under hunting law, such as sanitary shooting or hunting damage estimation, important for farmers. The same regulation introduced a ban on the use of green areas, including forests. There is no exception to this ban for hunters. This means that hunters can move, but outside the closed area, solely for the purpose of estimating hunting damage, protecting farmers' fields against damage, making necessary repairs or carrying out the instructions of the relevant authorities related to preventing the spread of African Swine Fever, which threatens Polish farmers. However, they can do it only outside closed green areas.

Source: Polish Veterinary Service, Ministry of Environment,