Concerns of the Polish hortisector caused by Coronavirus

Many events organized in Poland are canceled or postponed due to the  coronavirus. The greatest concern is visible in the flower sector, but fruit and vegetable producers are also suffering from the consequences of the pandemic.

bunch of colorful flowers
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It is visible on the Polish streets that many flower shops are closed. Also events such as weddings or conferences that normally would require some floral decoration were cancelled. The Polish Florists' Association has already appealed to the Polish Prime Minister for support (asking for exemption in VAT and other taxes). Otherwise, several flower shops will bankrupt in Poland.
Polish horticultural producers limit their orders for balcony  seedlings and rooted seedlings, due to unsold crops and lack of space for new plantings in their greenhouse or tunnel. It can be assumed with high probability that in April sales will be minimal, especially since the coronavirus outbreak may be at its peak in Poland. However, some representatives of the ornamental plant industry anticipate that sales of plants for balconies and gardens will start in May, as people – gave up on traveling - will spend more time with their surroundings. Therefore, early-trade balcony plants, which have already been planted on farms, are likely to be pruned to slow down their flowering and put on the market in full Spring.

Additionally the Polish Ministry of Agriculture doesn't recognize this part of the horticultural sector as important and doesn't plan any additional measures to help producers in their current situation- was the information from the press office of the Ministry.

tomatoes on a wooden background
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Vegetable production

Polish consumers don’t think of products with a relatively short shelf life such as tomatoes or cucumbers.
That is why vegetable producers are also very concerned about the future of their production, if the epidemiological threat continues and further restrictions are introduced. The market has already shrunk - due to closed restaurants, limited hotel work, or other cancellations. Even if it is not yet strongly felt by industry, the current low supply of goods will worsen the situation of vegetable production.
Fortunately, until now, wholesale markets, supermarkets and smaller supermarkets have been operating without major restrictions. Small market squares in several cities are closed, which mainly has consequences for small farms that produce for the local market.

Beeld: KKowalczewska

Availability of production products

Polish gardeners are concerned about the availability of basic production products imported from abroad. They mainly think of fertilizers, seeds and plant protection products. The flow of goods across the border is more difficult, trucks are waiting in traffic for several hours. Delays in deliveries are also the result of the often reduced number of employees in supplier warehouses. Polish producers are also concerned about future prices of the imported fertilizers, as their level will be affected by the zloty exchange rate.