Armela Farms: First Fully Automated Hydroponic Farm in GCC

Armela Farms brings new life to the Agricultural sector in the United arab Emirates. It is the largest producer of water-grown fresh lettuce in Dubai, operational since 2016 with current production capacity of 1.6 million lettuce heads quivalent to 330 tons per year

Armela has developped new partnerships with Van der Hoeven as turnkey project supplier and various Dutch and Belgian companies (Hoogendoorn, Green Production Systems,, Rijk Zwaan, Jiffy, Koppert Biological Systems and Levarht) for its 2021 project in Abu Dhabi, the largest fully automated commercial hydroponic project in the GCC with annual production capacity of 9 million lettuce heads equivalent to 2300 tonnes.

Armela Farms is a farm to table supplier that produces, packs and distributes watergrown, local produce that is 100% pesticide free and available 365 days of the year.

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