Ukraine: Government support programs for agriculture in 2020

The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine presented six government programs to support agribusiness in 2020 for the total amount  4.24 billion UAH (159 mln. Euro).

Money in soil

The ministry has proposed to allocate 4.24 billion UAH (159 mln. Euro) to support of the agricultural sector in the following way:

  • UAH 1.20 billion (45 mln. Euro)  to ensure cheaper loans for agricultural producers. This program will improve access of the agricultural producers to the loans, will support launch of the agricultural land market, will enable farmers attract additional 615 mln. Euro of loans.
  • Credit Guarantee Fund - UAH 0.24 billion (9 mln. Euro)
  • Support to the livestock industry UAH 1 billion (37 mln. Euro) will help expand more than 100 animal breeding farms and complexes, create 1700 jobs, help increase productivity in the dairy and meat sector, and increase overall meat and dairy production by 0,5%; ensure safety and traceability in the production of bee products;
  • compensation for the purchase of agricultural machinery of Ukrainian production UAH 1 billion (37 mln. Euro);
  • support for horticulture, viticulture and hop growing UAH 0.40 billion (15 mln. Euro) will promote expanding new industrial plantations, building new storages and processing facilities, create new jobs;
  • support of family farms and cooperatives UAH 0.40 billion (15 mln. Euro) rural development programs, employment opportunities, extension and professional training, support to agricultural servicing cooperatives.

More details:  Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture