Ukraine - future AgroTech hub

Ukraine has all the right ingredients to become an important AgTech R&D hub.

Agro company in your smartphone  - this is the reality proven at IT-corner organized in the framework of exhibition AgroComplex / InterAgro. The Ukrainian IT sector has already built a strong position on the EU market, offering integrated software solutions for different sectors.

Reinoud Nuijten, agricultural counsellor, said: "Today at the IT corner of Agro complex 2019 I learned that Ukraine also offers a wide range of solutions for digital agriculture, most notably on precision farming".

Given it’s unique composition with both very big and many medium and small sized farmers the Ukrainian agriculture sector provides a playing ground for the development of various hardware (drones, sensors) and software solutions (CRM and ERP platforms).

Combined with the favorable legal conditions for quickly starting up an R&D project and the availability of AgTech experts and software outsourcing teams, Ukraine has all the right ingredients to become an important AgTech R&D hub, says Yuriy Petruk, CEO of AgTech Ukraine."

35 companies offer High Tech solutions for agriculture at IT corner: drones, monitoring and management systems, mobile applications etc.

We are proud to welcome Dutch company AgroCares Україна. With their innovative solutions Ukrainian companies can have fast, cheap and multiple soil test with results sent directly to smartphone. 📲